IIT Design for Local 2

This past Fall, IIT students again took to the Design for Local program to create desirable concepts based on local manufacturing. Rather than starting with a Jam, students visited local manufacturers to get a sense of the variety of capabilities and then came up with designs as a team. Concept descriptions below:

Chef's Apron (not pictured): Based on Chicago Protective Apparel's heat resistant fabrics, this team designed an apron that could withstand the heat of the kitchen while providing added functionality for high-end chefs.

Notebook: Looking at the plethora of sheet metal capabilities in Chicago, this team explored how a protective, refillable notebook could be created using simple cuts of sheet metal and magnets.

Herald Bike Pannier: Inspired by the simple bag construction seen in 3rd world markets, this pannier is an easily manufacturable, low-tech solution to carrying groceries and good on a bike. The final concept rolls up for compact storage.

Case 1.0: This formed recycled felt computer case offers an elegant solution for transient workers with laptop computers. It seeks to be true to the object brand attributes of simplicity and timelessness while bringing a new level of functionality to the collaborative and dynamic way we now work. 

Aux Bag: Looking for an alternative way to store important items, this simply constructed bag attaches to the outside of a variety of carriers, so there is always room.

Niche Living Small Furniture: Inspired by small living, this elegant line of tables, stools, and drawers are simple to assemble. Because of the modular nature of the designs, they can take advantage of both scrap materials and excess capacity from independent woodworkers around the area- offering value to the local manufacturer.