Sheet Metal & Electronics

Matot is a family company, that is currently owned by two sisters- Anne & Cece Matot. The company was originally founded in 1888 as a wooden icebox manufacturer. Seeing a market change, over the years the company moved to dumbwaiters and then started making them out of sheet metal. They are currently looking to expand their production to new products or partner with you on your next project.

Because Matot does full product production, it has a toolbox of sheet metal capabilities to offer. This includes engineering, plasma cutting, bending, welding, painting, electronic and gear set up and packing.


Metal Foundry

Universal Electric Foundary is a family owned, 100 year old company - a Chicago classic. DesignHouse partnered with them in the Fall of 2014 to explore ideas around cast metal consumer products.

Looking to make something out of hot, poured metal? They work with materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Nickel and other Special alloys in the 1/2 lb to 500 lb range using the green sand process.

Sheet Metal

SKOL has been a family owned business in the Chicago area for over 70 years. Their staff are craftsmen and can handle complex hands-on work in bending, folding and pressing of sheet metals as well as value add services.

Ray Skol and his son, Rhett, are passionate about their work and great at helping businesses assess their designs to cost reduce and streamline. SKOL was our partern for the first DesignHouse product, the Reveal Frame.