Day Four: Concept to Product in Just One Week

We centered on one product today: a simple new take on a photo frame.  The concept was inspired by a few forms which emerged in Tuesday’s ideation session, visible on the left below. The first metal prototype is on the right.

Evolution of the concept in thinking & materials

Simple flat metal frame; consumer bends it at perforation to stand. Will either be produced in powder-coated steel or anodized aluminum.  This is unfinished 0.038 inch aluminum.

The object is a simple flat-pack frame that consumers fold out after purchase.  Photos no longer require the protection of glass since the real artifact is digital.  We just print copies; the framed photo is no longer the one & only version.  If coffee spills on it, we shrug it off and print another. With this design, we echo the corner mounts of old but keep the form super simple without any glass front. A new age calls for a much simpler form. 

Today’s energies were spent creating files for a range of sizes expanding the initial 4x6 inch photo option to 5x7 and a 3x3 square.  We also began to think about finishes and materials. We gave the prototypes a quick rub with steel wool and it dresses them up nicely.  



Polished & in place

Late in the day, files were sent to SKOL Manufacturing for a manufacturability review and initial price estimates.  There are still decisions to be made on finishes and any minor refinements required to make this manufacturable on a turret press (corner radiuses, tolerances on the small perforations, etc.).  But it’s looking like we actually pulled this off.  We went from concept to product in just one week.