Chicago Ideas Week: From Concept to Product in Just One Week

DesignHouse hosted a lab during Chicago Ideas Week, inviting the public to join us for a hands-on ideation session as we attempt to go from concept to product in just one week. On Tuesday morning, participants gathered at Catalyze Chicago to sketch, model, and brainstorm ideas during a two-hour mini design jam. Throughout the week, DesignHouse staff & students are filtering through and developing a few promising concepts which can be fabricated locally. The aim is to have a working prototype by Saturday night’s CIW talk on the creative process

Our local manufacturing partner is SKOL Manufacturing, a metal fabricator in the Ravenswood corridor on Chicago’s north side. Special thanks to Ray Skol for being available to answer any questions about the metal fabrication process and to Mike Slezak of Jane Addams Resource Corp for introducing us.

Tuesday’s work involved more paper mockups, some thoughtful questions about which design lent themselves best to metal,  and sorting out what seems doable to actually build in the next few days.   Next step: prootyping in metal.  Stay tuned!