VA Tech intern, Chris Kitchen, takes the DesignHouse Design Jam to high school.

In October, building on what he learned as an Intern at DesignHouse in Chicago, VA Tech's Chris Kitchen conducted a Design Jam with a group of high school freshmen Humanities students at Monacan High School near Richmond, Virginia.

The one-day workshop had as a mission statement to expose students to design and design thinking in a way that empowers the students to take advantage of their own creativity. 

Chris focused on the key concepts of materials & processes, rapid ideation/prototyping, active problem solving and creative confidence

After learning about the sand casting process and its applications, the class divided into 6 teams for research & ideation with Chris mentoring and provide industrial design support.

Each group then had a chance to present their top three ideas.  This was the first of what we hope to be many successful DesignHouse@HighSchool collaborations.