By designing for local manufactring Designers, Entrepenuers and Makers can help revitalize the Local Manufacturing Industry. This revitalization not only contributes to 1) needed jobs in local communities, but 2) creates environmentally sustainable supply chains and 3) strengthens communities by keeping the economy local.

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At DesignHouse we are;

• Revitalizing Local Manufacturing with Innovative Ideas
• Inspiring Designers to produce Locally
• Linking & Mentoring the next generation to Careers

Instead of starting with an idea and then searching for a manufacturer, DesignHouse reverses the process. We start with local manufacturing capabilities and ideate around existing machines.  We build skills and capacity through design thinking and digital linking. It's the farm-to-table of manufacturing.

What have we accomplished over the last 3 years? See below!

We believe in "teaching a man to fish"; we involve locals manufacturers in the process of design, diversifying the revenue potential of workers and local economies stream with new, higher value products. 

Together we can help revitalize local manufacturing through design. Join us!

DesignHouse, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.  

For us success is jobs.
Success is new runs for existing machines.
Success is products made locally.
Success is innovation by bringing design & manufacturing closer together.

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