Factory Tour | Matot
12:30 pm12:30

Factory Tour | Matot

  • Matot, Inc

Join us for a Factory Tour + discussion on local product production at our upcoming Jam manufacturer, Matot!

6:00 pm18:00

Design Jam Pittsburgh

  • AlphaLab Gear
in partnership with DesignHouse present

in partnership with DesignHouse present

Revitalizing Local Manufacturing through the DesignHouse Process, featuring Paul Hatch, founder of DesignHouse

Catalyst Connection is proud to present Paul Hatch, President of Teams Design and founder of DesignHouse in Chicago.  Join us at AlphaLab Gear for an interactive event focusing on ways to ignite innovation in small manufacturing.

DesignHouse Jams offer an engaging opportunity for participants to network and explore the competitive advantage of combining Design Thinking with local manufacturing. On September 8th, we will explore Cygnus Manufacturing Company (CMC) and their plethora of metal machining capabilities. Your participation will expand your design skills and your ideas will build innovation in the local manufacturing sector strengthening your community.

At DesignHouse we reverse the design process, beginning with existing manufacturing capabilities to create ideas and opportunities around local machines and materials. This revolutionary process leads to new employment in our local communities, creates environmentally sustainable supply chains, and strengthens our communities by building the local economy.

Come join the community—whether you are a maker, designer, engineer, marketer or innovator—network and collaborate for this good cause. Attendance is limited to 50 and tickets are $25 or $10 with student ID. Please contact Lynn at llupori@catalystconnection.org with proof of ID for student code.

Get your tickets here!

Additional thanks to Citizens Bank, Innovation Works, and Buchanan Ingersoll for sponsoring this event!



Paul Hatch at IDSA
2:00 pm14:00

Paul Hatch at IDSA

Photo courtesy of Hector Silva and Advanced Design Sketching

Photo courtesy of Hector Silva and Advanced Design Sketching

Paul Hatch is one of the founders of DesignHouse and CEO of TEAMS Design, who has been awarded over 1,000 Design Awards throughout its past 17 years. Paul has served as the IDSA District Vice Chair and International Conference Chair and will be speaking at the upcoming IDSA International Conference in Detroit on the importance of Designing for Local.

10:30 am10:30

Design Jam at Marwen

We will be hosting a DesignHouse Jam at Marwen, a provider of visual arts after school programs to local teens. We will be teaching them about Design Thinking and how to approach a challenge by designing for local. Thank you to the Chicago Metro Metals Consortium for sponsoring this event!

(this is not a public event)